Mid-Term Election Brings Diverse Elected Officials to Gwinnett County

Gwinnett County, GA

The mid-term elections on Tuesday, November 7, 2018 was anticipated by all. Would there be a blue or red wave? With record numbers of voters across Georgia, this voting cycle has been emotional and full of voter suppression and unethical – if not unlawful – actions by the Secretary of State and Republican Gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp. But through it all, we had some exciting winners.

Democratics won many races in Gwinnett County as Georgia turned purple. Congratulations to all winning candidates representing the county, especially the new diverse leaders. We are proud of you and look forward to your work in standing for the PEOPLE of the county.

Kudos to all who rose up to run for office this year! Remember, 2020 will be here in a flash!

Gwinnett County Election Results-Unofficial

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