OPINION: Who Will Stop Brian Kemp, the Thief of Georgia’s Election?

Who Will Stop This Thief of Georgia's Election?

The Georgia Secretary of State and Gubernatorial Republican Candidate Brian Kemp has crowned himself Governor of Georgia before all votes have been counted and certification of the election. Yet everyone is moving on business as usual.

Parties clash in Georgia over outstanding ballots in Governor race.


Kemp is a thief robbing Georgia voters of a fair election before our eyes. From missing voter machines, missing absentee ballots, thousands of voters removed from the registrar, trickery with actual votes — all of this and he and the Georgia GOP are in a transition.


This is the United States of America, the overseer of democracy and fair elections around the world. Elections here in Georgia are rigged with or without the help of Russia, and where is the outrage? Thank you NAACP, ACLU, Stacey Abrams and team for standing and fighting. Where are all of these black – ‘treat us fair’ – Georgia politicians? Where is the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus? Where are all the politicians in metro-Atlanta – black, white, Asian, Latinx? Why isn’t the city streets filled with protesters?

We cannot be complacent in the midst of being robbed by white supremacy. Who will stop this thief – Brian Kemp – from stealing Georgia’s election?


Stacey Abrams vows to remain in Georgia governor’s race until “every vote gets counted”.

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