Founded in November 2017, BLACKGWINNETT Magazine is the only county-wide neighborhood magazine dedicated to informing, empowering and speaking out for the Black community of Gwinnett County, Georgia. Published by Camrose Creative Services, Inc. located in Lawrenceville, GA, BLACKGWINNETT Magazine focuses on everything black and black-friendly around Gwinnett County. In addition to county news, BLACKGWINNETT Magazine provides state, national and world news important to the Black community of Gwinnett County.

The publication is digital with a quarterly print editions circulated over 45,000 copies throughout Gwinnett County, Georgia.

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief
Cheryle Renee Moses

Contributing Writers
Rock Moses
Rosa B. Cotton
Larry “Wings” Howard
African Ancestors
Marie Allen

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Camrose Creative Services, Inc.

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Camrose Creative Services, Inc.

BLACKGWINNETT Magazine | P.O. Box 1905 | Lilburn, GA 30048 USA

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  1. I salute and applaud your editorial effort. I am a former 8-time EMMY Award winning Black TV news reporter for 11-Alive News, who now teaches our profession at Clark Atlanta University. I am also the Editor-In-Chief and political columnist for my two online publications — The Maynard Report & Newsmakers Live/Journal. Additionally, I am the National Communications Director for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference — Dr. Martin Luther King’s revered and respected civil rights organization– and Managing Editor of the SCLC National Magazine, which is a polished , quarterly print publication.

    I’m Maynard Eaton, and I wanted to introduce my credentials and experience to see if I can be of help to your new publication as either an editor, columnist and/or recommending some young journalists to you.

  2. Hello Mr. Eaton and thank you for reaching out! As a native of Atlanta, I am honored as I have grown up with you. Yes please help me with this publication – editor, editor-in-chief, columnist, whatever you would like to do. I am sending you an email now! Cheryle Moses, Publisher

  3. Hello Deborah. We will send an email to you today. Thank you for reaching out to Black Gwinnett Magazine.

  4. Hello,

    How are you? Continue the great work, however; I am following up on March 26, 2019 request for someone to contact me, I do understand how busy and hectic everything can get.

    Thank you.

  5. Hello,

    How are you? Continue the great work, however; I am following up on March 26, 2019 request for someone to contact me, I do understand how busy and hectic everything can get.

    Thank you.

  6. Hello Deborah! Yes, we tried contacting you via email. Please check your spam folder. Please call me direct at 404.861.8187 and I will be able to help you. In fact, we are coming out with our print edition for Fall 2019 on October 10, 2019. Would love to have your ad in the print edition. Looking forward to hearing from you. Cheryle R Moses – Publisher.

  7. Send me your telephone number as we replied in March with an email. Thank you and looking forward to working with you.

  8. I believe that all Confederate emblems and monuments have no place in public areas or public gatherings; after all they were the losing side of the Civil War. We do not have emblems and monuments to Spain after the Spanish American war.

    I now live next to Stone Mountain, GA. I would like to see the Stone Mountain Confederate carvings altered as I think that it is too big to be “erased”. I suggest that the carvings be altered to depict Native Americans on horseback or altered to depict James Oglethorpe (find father of Georgia who was anti-salvery) and Native Americans on horseback. The Native Americans held Stone Mountain sacred long before the Europeans landed here.


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