Under Failed GOP Leadership, Georgia Is Nationally Ranked Low


by Democratic Party of Georgia

As Brian Kemp tries to sell Georgians his extreme and reckless agenda, it’s time to review exactly how devastating a decade of failed  Republican leadership has been for our state. According to the 2019 U.S News and World Report state rankings, Georgia continues to rank almost dead last on issues from healthcare to education.

On healthcare Georgia ranked:

#36 for public health
#37 for health care quality
#39 for best states for healthcare
#41 for healthcare access

And for education, Georgia ranked:
#31 for pre-K – 12 education
#37 for four-year college graduation rate while states like Florida ranked in the top 10
#43 for high school graduation rate

After more than a decade in the majority, Republicans have failed to fix our public education system and make healthcare more affordable and accessible. For too long, Georgians have been shortchanged and left hanging by the extreme Republican agenda, and we’ll remember that at the ballot box.

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