Gandhi Was A Racist. So Why Is His Statue At The King Center?

king and gandhi

Gandhi is revered and idolized worldwide by many as a prophet, a visionary, even a messiah. However, the popular narrative of Gandhi is a myth. The lack of efficient methods of communication and documentation in the past allowed Gandhi and his followers to effortlessly create a convincing but false life story. With the help of linguistic researchers, historians and digital technology, the truth has been uncovered about Gandhi racist views against Black Africans among many troubling things.

Because of these revealing facts about Gandhi, statues of him are being challenged and taken down around the world including the University of Ghana.

A statue of Gandhi stands at The King Center that honors Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and it must come down. It is such an insult to have a statue of a racist against Black Africans exalted on the grounds that honor Dr. King who gave his life fighting racism.

And yes, Dr. King modeled his non-violent approach to social justice from Gandhi’s work. But clearly he did not know of Gandhi’s genuine racists views of Blacks Africans.

Now that we know the true Gandhi and that he was a racist, we – Black citizens and residents of Georgia – demand his statue be retired at at The King Center.

For more information, visit and sign the petition and support protests to remove Gandhi statue from The King Center.

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