Democratic Women Who Dare to Lead Gwinnett County, GA FREE Networking Event

Democratic Women Who Dare to Lead Gwinnett County, GA

Democratic Women Who Dare to Lead Gwinnett County, GA 2018 Networking Event – FREE and Open to the Public

A Relaxed, Interactive Meet and Greet with Group Conversations About Race, Diversity and Inclusion

Heather Caygle of Politico writes, “Women barreled through long-standing barriers on Capitol Hill in 1992, winning elections to the House and Senate in record numbers. And then they were promptly told how to vote by senior male colleagues, ignored in elevators and even turned away at the chamber doors because ‘staff’ weren’t allowed on the floor.

More than a quarter-century after the “Year of the Woman,” women still make up only one in five elected officials on Capitol Hill [and in Georgia]. But this [2018] election cycle, more women are signing up to run for the highest elected offices than ever before…”

And this historic trend of women stepping up to run for office continues right here with Democratic women who dare to lead Gwinnett County. On Thursday, May 17, 2018, Urban Mediamakers in partnership with BlackGwinnett Magazine, invite the public to comemeet Democratic women candidates in a conversation about race, diversity and inclusion. These candidates are on the May 22, 2018 Primary Ballot for Georgia political positions that directly affect the residents of Gwinnett County. ­Join us as we see where these candidates stand on issues including race, diversity and inclusion.

This event will be live streamed on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. There will be interactive online and in-person opportunities for all ages throughout the event!


6:30-9:30p – Meet & Greet/Networking with Candidates. Refreshments served.

Democratic Women Candidates Will Introduce Themselves and Brief Q&A in Auditorium
7:00p – Gwinnett County Local Candidates
7:15p – Georgia State House Candidates
7:50p – Georgia State Senate Candidates
8:10p – U.S. Congress Candidates
8:30p – Public Service Commissioner, Commissioner of Insurance, Secretary of State Candidates
8:50p – Lt. Governor and Governor Candidates
9:30p – End of Event

Event Details

A Meet and Greet Event: Throughout the evening participants will have an opportunity to network and talk one-on-one with candidates about issues including race, diversity and inclusion. This is a fun, relaxed and interactive environment as we talk about serious issues.

Candidate Intros: You will meet women candidates who are running in statewide races and those positions directly affecting Gwinnett County.

Questions from the Public: We have put together a cross-generational panel to ask questions that we have combined in a brief surveyThe public is asked to submit questions for candidates in advance by:

Questions from the Public: The public is asked to submit all questions for candidates in advance by:

  • Email:
  • Twitter @BlackGwinnett and @UMFF
  • Facebook @BlackGwinnett and @urban.filmmakers
  • Instagram @blackgwinnett and @iseeblackpeople

All questions must be submitted in advance including up until hours before the event. We will also pull three random questions just before the start of the forum.


  • Nigireia, Natural Hair Designer, Imarii 70 Braid Lounge
  • Cheryle R. Moses, Democratic Nominee, Georgia State Senate District 9, BlackGwinnett Magazine Publisher



  • Governor: Stacey Abrams, Stacey Evans
  • Lieutenant Governor: Sarah Riggs Amico, Triana Arnold James
  • Secretary of State: Dee Dawkins-Haigler
  • Commissioner of Insurance: Cindy Zeldin, Janice Laws
  • Public Service Commission, District 3 – Metro-Atlanta, District 3: Lindy Miller
  • Public Service Commission, District 5 – Western, District 5: Dawn A. Randolph

U.S. Congress

  • District 7: Carolyn Bourdeaux, Kathleen Allen, Melissa Davis
  • District 10: Charlis Montgomery, Tabitha A. Johnson-Green

Georgia State Senate

  • District 9: Cheryle R. Moses
  • District 40: Sally Harrell, Tamara Johnson Shealey
  • District 41: Sabrina McKenzie
  • District 45: Jana Rodgers
  • District 48: Zahra Karinshak
  • District 55: Gloria Butler

Georgia State House

  • District 93: Rep. Dar’shun Kendrick
  • District 94: Rep. Karen Bennett
  • District 95: Beth Moore
  • District 97: Aisha Yaqoob
  • District 99: Rep Brenda R. Lopez
  • District 104: Andrea Stephenson
  • District 105: Donna McLeod
  • District 107: Shelly Hutchinson
  • District 108: Jasmine Clark

Gwinnett County

  • County Commissioner, District 4: Marlene Fosque
  • County Board of Education: Wandy Taylor


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