Black Ancestor’s Day: Invoking the Spirits Across Social Media on February 28th

Ragsdale-Churcher Family

Mark Your Calendar and Spread the Word! Monday, February 28, 2022 is #BlackAncestorsDay on Social Media and Across the Internet

For 24-hours, we are going to invoke our Black ancestors’ names — our deceased loved ones — from around the world, including city, state, life facts across social media — all platforms. We, Blacks from across the world, are celebrating and invoking our ancestral powers to change OUR OWN COLLECTIVE LIVES. UNITY will save us all ’cause we are ALL BLACK.’

Go back decades. Ask your mama, grand-mama, auntie, cousins about names of your ancestors. Find photos of your ancestors. LET’S FOCUS TOGETHER FOR ONE DAY ON OUR ANCESTORS. By posting our ancestors names across social media, whenever someone searches for their name decades down the road, they will find your posting. This is a digital Black History event! INVOKING our ancestors is something we MUST do this year – not just February 28, 2022, but everyday!

Invoking our ancestors is pulling a massive Spirit-led army together to fight for us as we finesse white supremacy (which is the only racism) across the world! Join us! We are not sheep Black people. Let’s use our ANCESTORS and SPIRITUAL POWERS for unity, a strong Black community of collaboration and an attitude of family as we build wealth, good health, collective protection of each other, land development, innovations for the strategies to hurdle over white supremacy (racism).

Join us on Monday, February 28, 2022 — ALL DAY! #BlackAncestorsDay #AllBlack

This post photo is of the Ragsdale-Churcher Family at a wedding of Raymond Ragsdale and Walter Ruth Sims. This is a family of natives of Georgia. These are the ancestors and family members of Cheryle Renee Moses. The Ragsdale Family members were pivotal in Fulton and Gwinnett Counties in Georgia throughout the 1800s through today.

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