Mrs. Jessie Smith Anderson: Fashion Designer Extraordinaire

Mrs. Jessie Anderson

Mrs. Jessie Smith Anderson was born September 19, 1922 in Elberto, Georgia to the late Jessie F. Adams and Florence C. Smith. This wonderful, creative woman departed this physical life on April 4, 2000.

Mrs. Jessie was a member of Central Methodist Church in Atlanta, Georgia. She was united in holy matrimony to Horace Anderson. God blessed the couple with loving daughters, Jacquelyn D. Anderson and Marilyn Christian Walker.

Mrs. Jessie was an amazing fashion designer and seamstress. You could describe a fashion design idea to her, and within a week you would see it turned into a garment ready to be fitted.

We love you Mrs. Jessie. You will never be forgotten. You are an icon in the fashion design history of Georgia. Know that your loving words of encouragement inspired many to be confident and well-dressed in life.

Fashion Designer Extraordinaire

Mrs. Jessie Anderson was a creative, unique, and innovative fashion designer in Atlanta, GA in the 50s-80s. Mrs. Jessie would design, sew, and custom fit garments for all of her clients. We love you Mrs. Jessie and honor you for being a BOSS in history of women showcasing their creativity! Thank you Mrs. Jessie for your worldly design greatness!