Enough with the Toxic LGBTQ+ Culture — Specifically Transwomen!

pregnant woman

I don’t know about you but as a real woman, I am tired of the gay community and their antics — specifically transwomen. I could care less who another person sleeps with. Why do many in the LGBTQ+ community have to scream that they are gay from every mountain top? Is that really necessary?

Enough with the toxic LGBTQ+ constant attempt to cancel people and businesses that do not agree with your lifestyle. Stop it!

And to you wannabe women — transwomen — you can never be a woman. Never. And it is insulting to my mother, her mother and every women brought to this earth as a real woman for you to call yourself a woman. Gender matters and you are just an imposter.

To all real, gender-defined women, we must stand up and speak up against these imposters attempting to be us. Enough is enough!

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