Gwinnett COVID-19 Funding Investments

covid spending

According to Gwinnett County government, more than $441 million of COVID-19 federal funding has been used to respond to the public health emergency and mitigate the economic impact it has had on the community.

Here is the breakdown of expenditures.

  • County Government:
    • County Facility and Service Provisions, $133 million, are funding County projects working to ensure fair and equitable distribution of resources to protect our most vulnerable communities
    • County Operations: $96.8 million has been used to support County operations and enable our workforce to continue offering superior services to our residents, businesses, and visitors
  • Housing and Utility Assistance: More than $81.8 million invested in housing and utility assistance
  • Economic Support: Nearly $38.7 million has been designated to provide financial assistance to small businesses, tourism, and Arts and Entertainment
  • Other Government Entities: More than $27.6 million has been shared with other government entities to support their COVID-19 costs
  • Public Health: Over $24.4 million has been shared with our local health department and other health agencies to help our community stay healthy
  • Nonprofit Services: Almost $23 million aligned to support nonprofits around our community and increase services to those most in need
  • Food Assistance: Nearly $11 million allocated to the provision of emergency food assistance
  • Broadband Infrastructure: $5 million has been invested in broadband enhancements

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