Blacks Life Expectancy Dropped in 2020

Black hands

From 2019-2020, the life expectancy rate for Blacks in the United States drop by 2.9%. This is the largest decline since World War II and has been caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic. According to an article in The New York Times written by Julie BosmanSophie Kasakove and Daniel Victor, “New federal data draws one of the starkest illustrations to date of how the coronavirus pandemic has disproportionately affected Hispanic and Black Americans, showing that they suffered a far steeper drop in life expectancy in 2020 than white Americans.

The New York Times reports that “From 2019 to 2020, Hispanic people experienced the greatest drop in life expectancy — three years — and Black Americans saw a decrease of 2.9 years. White people experienced the smallest decline, of 1.2 years.”

The coronavirus “uncovered the deep racial and ethnic inequities in access to health, and I don’t think that we’ve ever overcome them,” said Dr. Mary T. Bassett, a former New York City health commissioner and professor of health and human rights at Harvard University, who characterized the findings as devastating but unsurprising. “To think that we’ll just bounce back from them seems a bit wishful thinking.”

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