The New South Creates Alliances in the Faith Community

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Letter to Governor Asserts Georgia’s Election Laws Should Ensure Every Eligible Citizen Has Equitable Access to Exercise Their Constitutional Right to Vote

A group of some 500 Georgia faith leaders from diverse denominations, delivered a letter to Governor Brian Kemp. Driven by faith and justice, and the recent voter suppression measures enacted by the Republican controlled State House, they are demanding a repudiation of bills aimed at suppressing the vote. 

This is not the first time in the last few months that the prowess and power of the pulpit has stood its ground against injustice. 

Faith leaders delivered a strong message last December, amid the hotly contested Georgia run-off for U.S. Senate. A diverse group of community clergy led by Rev. Darryl Winston, Bishop Carl McRae, Dr. Debbie Grant, Rev. Keith Hammond and several others in the Atlanta faith community expressed outrage over racist political attack ads leveled against Rev. Raphael Warnock and the Black Church tradition. The gross misrepresentation depicted of the Black Church in Loeffler’s ads drew the ire of some 200 faith leaders across the state of Georgia, demanding that Kelly Loeffler and The Loeffler campaign pull the attack ads. The letter went viral, resulting in a New York Times article, CNN coverage, and several other spotlighted content in the national media.

In an act of solidarity, inspired by the efforts of the African-American clergy, some 100 faith leaders from predominantly white mainline denominations responded by taking out an ad in the Atlanta-Journal Constitution calling on Kelly Loeffler to do the same. After the historic win, the two groups met on ZOOM for the first time, sharing a passion for political fairness, equity and inclusion, and a powerful bond was formed. 

It is hoped that the combined efforts of these Faith leaders will once again yield favorable results with the delivery of their politically poignant statement to Governor Kemp. 

Download and read the letter from Georgia’s faith community.

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