Democratics Stand Up Against White Supremacy Districting In Gwinnett

Sam Park

This Is A Civic’s Lesson for All Gwinnett Voters

Until 2020, White Republican politicians have had rule over Gwinnett County for decades. In a majority Black minority in the county, African-Americans and other non-white politicians now have the power to make inclusive decisions for voters of Gwinnett.

State Representative Bonnie Rich (R) presented a last minute proposed Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners redistricting map on Monday. Rep. Rich’s proposed map keeps the commission current members plus a chairwoman and creates a Republican-friendly district in northern Gwinnett.

Sam Park
Georgia Rep. Sam Park (D)

State Rep. Sam Park is a sponsor of HB 386, and spoke today before the committee. The exchange between Rep. Park and the Committee Chair, State Rep. Darlene Taylor, Republican included a verbal lashing from the chairwoman, and a calm, decisive Rep. Park speaking truth to power.


Here the video of the full meeting.

“Let me be clear. This counterproposal which members of the public including myself have seen in the past 24 hours, this is not a compromise. This is a unilateral effort by Representative Rich to draw the districting map in Gwinnett County based on race…” said Rep. Sam Park (D).

Let me interrupt you. You’ve made that comment several times and I find it offensive. Let the information come out. Your conduct is not becoming at this time, so I would ask you to please correct the things you are saying. You’re making accusations. You don’t know someone’s intent. So if you would like to go forward, we will. But please watch what you’re saying.” Darlene Taylor (R), Committee Chair.

“Madame Chair I apologize for any offense that I may have caused you; however, I am speaking based on the Arlington Supreme Court case factors that state if you deviate from the regular process regarding a redistricting map that is a factor considered in determining whether there is racially discriminatory intent with the local redistricting map…” continued Rep. Sam Park.

HB 873 Bill Summary

A BILL to be entitled an Act to amend an Act creating the board of commissioners of Gwinnett County, approved January 31, 1968 (Ga. L. 1968, p. 2003), as amended, particularly by an Act approved April 1, 1994 (Ga. L. 1994, p. 4497), and by an Act approved September 21, 2011 (Ga. L. 2011 Ex. Sess., p. 296), so as to revise the commissioner district boundaries; to define certain terms; to repeal a superseded description of commissioner districts; to provide for continuation in office; to provide effective dates; to repeal conflicting laws; and for other purposes.

Georgia House of Representatives Bill Sponsors

  1. Park, Sam, District 101
  2. Clark, Jasmine, District 108
  3. McClain, Dewey, District 100
  4. Kendrick, Dar’shun, District 93
  5. Kennard, Gregg, District 102
  6. Hutchinson, Shelly, District 107

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