B. Thassanee Gutter-Parker for Gwinnett Superior Court Judge: Making All of Us Safer

Do you want a Superior Court Judge who has the experience and dedication to make our communities safer? Look no further than B. Thassanee Gutter-Parker, the only candidate for Gwinnett County Superior Court Judge with a proven record of ensuring the safety of our families. With an impressive background in law and a commitment to justice, B. Thassanee Gutter-Parker is the right choice for a safer future.

B. Thassanee Gutter-Parker brings a wealth of experience to the table. As the only candidate in the race who has prosecuted violent criminals, she understands the importance of holding offenders accountable for their actions. With her extensive litigation experience in civil law across Georgia’s counties, she possesses a deep understanding of the legal system and its intricacies.

Not only does B. Thassanee Gutter-Parker advocate for justice in the courtroom, but she also actively works towards reform programs aimed at reducing crime and improving the mental health impact on our community. Her dedication extends beyond her legal career, as she serves on a Gubernatorial Board for the State of Georgia, appointed by Governor Brian Kemp. Moreover, B. Thassanee Gutter-Parker’s involvement with various community organizations such as the Boys & Girls Club, Rotary Club, and Council of Youth Anti-Drug, Inc., showcases her commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of all citizens.

B. Thassanee Gutter-Parker will be a judge for everyone. Her client representation ranges from middle-class individuals to celebrities, from small businesses to corporations and government entities. She understands the diverse needs and challenges faced by different segments of society, ensuring fair and impartial judgment for all.

Former Governor of Georgia, Roy E. Barnes, recognizes B. Thassanee Gutter-Parker’s exceptional qualities and commitment to making Gwinnett County safer. He endorses her wholeheartedly, emphasizing her proven track record in safeguarding our communities.

Make the right choice for a safer future. Vote for B. Thassanee Gutter-Parker for Superior Court Judge in Gwinnett County. Together, let’s create a stronger
and more secure community.

Paid for by the Committee to Elect B. Thassanee Gutter-Parker for Superior Court Judge.