Capital City Bank: We Make Banking Personal

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You work hard for your money, which is why you need someone who works just as hard to help you protect, grow and access it. You need someone who not only can advise you on financial matters but also you can trust on a personal level. Because what’s more personal than your family’s and your financial security?

At Capital City Bank, we safeguard the aspects that matter most to you: your livelihood, finances, business, dreams and futures. We are more than your bank. We’re your bankers and wear the title with pride. We embrace the ideals that come with this position and uphold them with our clients, family, friends and neighbors at all times – both inside our offices and out. What makes us trusted partners in our everyday lives makes us trusted banking partners, too. Our honesty, integrity, care and concern for others demonstrate who we are at heart.

To help you achieve your financial goals, our bankers get to know you on a personal level to understand your individual financial needs and match those needs with the right banking solutions. We also aim to maximize the value of what you pay for our services without sacrificing convenience and innovation our clients have come to expect from us. Plus, delivering personalized service and a positive banking experience is in our DNA.

Since 1895, we’ve fostered relationships with clients in every city and town we’ve expanded to – from our roots in Tallahassee, Fla., to our newest offices here in Gwinnett County. Our associates aren’t only the people who help you during business hours. They’re the friends, neighbors and servant leaders you see in our community. When our clients flourish and thrive, our entire community succeeds. So, from personal banking and business solutions to home loans and investment guidance – and everything in between – we’re here to help.

Visit our office at 6224 Sugarloaf Parkway in Duluth and speak to one of our bankers to discover financial solutions tailored to you or simply make a new friend. For additional information, go to

Capital City Bank is Member FDIC.