Snellville Black Businesses Receive Racist Letters

Celeb Styles Barbershop

Several black businesses in Snellville, Georgia, got letters that were not about spreading cheer. These letters were offensive and racist.

“To whom it may concern, we in the Snellville community want it to be known we don’t want anymore ‘n-word’ businesses in our community. We want Gravity, Celeb Barbershop and Boot Camp gone. Too may ‘n-word’ businesses… We will not support them.”

racist letter in snellville

The letter came by mail just one day after the Gwinnett County Black Chamber of Commerce had its first meeting of 2020 on January 29. “This is why it is so important to support black businesses in Gwinnett County and stand up against bigotry,” said Cheryle Renee Moses, president of the Gwinnett County Black Chamber of Commerce. “We know the challenges of just being a black business in this county. Having to deal with outright racism is another challenge inherent with being a black entrepreneur that we must condemn and expose those behind these acts,” Moses continued.

The business owners who received the letters have filed a police report.

CBS 46 reporter Adam Murphy covered the story:

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