Prepare For After The Vote (#PFATV)

Prepare for After the Vote (PFATV)

We want everyone to go vote now through Tuesday, November 3, 2020 in the general election. BUT, we also want you to be smart about this election cycle in light of the divisive atmosphere, the aggression of whites and other non-Black people against Blacks, white supremacists and racism.

We are NOT alarmists. We ARE realists.

Step 1: Get everything you need to lockdown for 3-7 days after the election. Food, water, gas, drinks, ammunition, etc. We are recommending 7 days of stock, but at least three days to see what the country’s atmosphere is after the election.

Step 2: Lockdown your household at 7pm on Tuesday, November 3, 2020 when voting polls close. If you’re in line to vote, get home as soon as possible.

Step 3: We Refuse To Be A Victim. Be smart. Don’t be a duck in a pond waiting to be picked off. Stay in and have a plan for your household — just as you have a plan for a fire. Be alert and remain in the house if at all possible — please! Make sure the entire family knows your house strategy.

Step 4: Have a safe room. A safe room is where you can lockdown should your front door be breached. In your safe room, you should be ready to handle anything that attempts to come through the door of that room.

Step 5: If you legally own a gun, make sure you have ammunition and have it readily available – safely.

Step 6: Watch our live coverage here on Black Gwinnett Magazine, as well as social media feeds to get a pulse on the country.

Step 7: Spread the word about #PFATV to all of your family, friends and social networks. Our motto is simple. We are not looking for trouble, but if trouble knocks on our door, trouble will have trouble.

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