“Come Meet A Black Person” Is Back In 2020: Eradicating Racism Worldwide

Come Meet A Black Person

Racism is at the forefront of all conversations today in this country. America was built upon racism and is a part of all systems and structures. In order to eliminate racism, white America must solve this problem. The Black community is critical in giving whites and other non-Blacks the real history and the Black experience.

Premiered in November 2017 in Lawrenceville, Georgia, “Come Meet A Black Person” networking event is where non-Blacks are invited to talk about racism, the Black experience and eradicating racism. “Come Meet A Black Person” is an open forum for human beings to start better relationships with each other across our cultural and racial differences.

“Come Meet A Black Person” was kicked out of Cornerstone Coworking Space in Lawrenceville, Georgia for being pro-Black, but in 2020 we are back! Come Meet A Black Person virtual event includes guest speakers, interactive questionnaires, open conversations and an awesome group of participants. We will interact in #RacismTalkRooms and #BlackExperienceRooms as we do our part in eradicating racism in America.

Register today and tell a friend or two! Here is the schedule of weekly virtual events. Guest speakers are welcomed — just contact us.

Come Meet A Black Person (CMABP) Main Room – 3:00PM EDT

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • White Privilege Test
  • The Four Categories of Racism
  • Why Is Racism A White-Only Problem?

CMABP Breakout Rooms – 15 minute Sessions – 3:45p EDT

Past and Present Weekly Breakout Room Leaders

  • Dr. Sharon D. Johnson, Ph.D., WGAW, Los Angeles, CA
  • Cheryle Renee Moses, Come Meet A Black Person Creator, Lawrenceville, GA
  • Chandler Pernell, Leader and Business Owner, Smithfield, North Carolina
  • Richard Phillips, Leader and Pro-Black Advocate, Norcross, Georgia
  • Redelia Shaw, DGA Assistant Director; Professor, Santa Monica College, CA

CMABP Weekly Topics of Discussion – 18-Weeks – Sunday, July 5, 2020 – Sunday, November 1, 2020 (A Journey Now Until Election Day Tuesday, November 3, 2020)

  • Racism: The Healing Starts with Truth and Relationships – 07/05/2020
  • Racism: White Insanity – 07/12/2020
  • Racism: #LivingWhileBlack – 07/19/2020
  • Racism: U.S. Government Is the Slave Master – 07/26/2020
  • Racism: The American Criminal Justice System – 08/02/2020
  • Racism: Education is a Tool of Brainwashing and Cultural Conditioning – 08/09/0202
  • Racism: The Enforcement Tools – Low Minimum Wages, Poor Housing, Lack of Healthcare, #TheBlackTax – 08/16/2020
  • Racism: The Corporate America Blueprint – 08/23/2020
  • Racism: Media Is Subliminal Brainwashing – 08/30/2020
  • Racism: Journalists are Racism Instigators – 09/06/2020
  • Racism: The American Economic Black-Out – 09/13/2020
  • Racism: The Mental Health Needs of All African-Americans – 09/20/2020
  • Racism: The Prejudices of the African Diaspora – 09/27/2020
  • Racism: Why Reparations for #ADOS Is A Necessity – 10/04/2020
  • Racism: Eliminated in Two Generations – 10/11/2020
  • The Affects of Racism: Destroyed by Black Love – 10/18/2020
  • The Affects of Racism: Destroyed by Black People Learning To Trust Black People – 10/25/2020
  • The Affects of Racism: Destroyed by Blacks Becoming Hurdlers – 11/01/2020

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