Anti-Blackness in the African, Asian, Black, Latino, Native American and South Asian


A Black History Month Discussion Presented by ‘Come Meet A Black Person’ Anti-Racism Series

Anti-Blackness refers to a range of negative attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors towards people of Black or African descent. It is a form of racism that is rooted in the belief that Black people are inferior to those of other races. This belief is often perpetuated through systemic oppression, prejudice, discrimination, and violence.

In America, anti-Blackness is deeply ingrained in the nation’s history, having been used to justify slavery, segregation, and ongoing inequalities. White supremacy has long been a driving force in American society and continues to shape the experiences of Black Americans today.

Anti-Blackness is not limited to the United States and can be found in many other countries around the world. People of lighter skin tone in non-Black communities also engage in anti-Blackness as a means of distancing themselves from Black people and seeking acceptance within the global white supremacist hierarchy. This can take many forms.

It is important to recognize and address anti-Blackness in all its forms, as it undermines the dignity and rights of Black people and perpetuates systemic inequalities. Addressing anti-Blackness requires an ongoing commitment to educate ourselves and others, challenge racist attitudes and behaviors, and advocate for systemic change.

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