Attention Non-African-American Blacks: You’re Not Superior to African Americans.


We follow Tonya TKO on TikTok. She is an author, activist and influencer. Tonya TKO recently shared a two-part video on the divide between Africans and African Americans. Here is a summary version of the videos. To watch the full length videos, visit @TonyaTKO on TikTok.

Hello Knockouts, Tonya TKO here. I felt compelled to take a moment and address something important. You know how it is when your mind is spinning with ideas while multitasking. Lately, I’ve been delving into discussions about race relations on my channel, and I’ve been noticing a recurring theme in some of the comments.

Specifically, I’ve received feedback from Nigerians in Nigeria expressing their belief that if they were in America, they would achieve great success. They often cite perceptions of laziness among Black Americans and express confidence in their own abilities to thrive in the United States. It’s a sentiment I find troubling, and I’ve engaged with some individuals about their colonial mindset.

I’m sharing these thoughts because it’s becoming increasingly frustrating. On one hand, I’m contending with racism from Caucasians, and now I’m finding myself challenged by misconceptions from Africans. Let me be clear—I have deep love for my Nigerian heritage, having spent time in Ghana and Nigeria recently. However, there’s a prevalent notion I encounter repeatedly.

There’s this idea that African Americans are somehow deficient because our experiences of trauma differ. But let me debunk that notion. African Americans have fought tirelessly for every inch of progress in this country. We didn’t wait for handouts; we fought tooth and nail for our rights. Our struggles, our sacrifices, have paved the way for any success that anyone, including Africans, might find in America.

I’ve walked the streets of Nigeria, conversed with its people, and observed a concerning passivity towards the government. It’s infuriating to hear anyone suggest that their experiences of trauma and indoctrination are somehow superior to ours. The reality is, Nigeria’s current state is deeply influenced by its colonial past—European powers pillaged the country, imposed their values, and exploited its resources.

Now, as for those who boast about what they would achieve in America, let me set the record straight. The opportunities you fantasize about exist because of the hard work, blood, and sweat of African Americans. Our culture, our resilience, have shaped this nation, often without receiving due credit.

So, instead of dreaming of success in America, focus on addressing the issues in your own country. Rather than perpetuating colonial mindsets, recognize the remarkable achievements of African Americans and stand in solidarity with us. Together, we can dismantle systems of oppression and strive for a better future for all black people, regardless of nationality.

Let’s uplift each other, advocate for change, and never forget the struggles and triumphs of the Black community.

I’m Tanya TKO, signing off. Remember to love one another, and most importantly, love yourself. Peace.