Asia Thomas Is the First Black Woman to Own a Subway Franchise in Duluth, Georgia

Asia Thomas Is the 1st Black Woman to Own a Subway Franchise in Duluth, Georgia

Congratulations to Asia Thomas, an entrepreneur and a single mother of three, who owns and operates the first Subway franchise in Duluth, Ga. that is owned by a Black woman.

Thomas graduated college from Clark Atlanta University and earned her MBA from Florida International University. She has been working a corporate job since then. But then the pandemic happened and she was one of the many who weren’t able to go to work in person. That’s when Thomas started to look for other ways to earn money to provide for her family.

“I met a young, Black woman who worked for Subway headquarters. She encouraged me to apply and so I just happened to submit an inquiry. It was almost like it was destined to be,” Thomas told We Buy Black.

Thomas immediately saved up and worked on becoming a franchise owner. Coincidentally, she found an existing Subway franchisee who wanted to sell his restaurant due to its low revenue. Thomas purchased it, having confidence that she could turn it around.

Indeed, Thomas was able to double the franchise’s profits within just one month since she took over. That is despite having to operate the store alone at that time when the previous staff left apparently because they doubted her for being Black and young.

Now, Thomas focuses on increasing profits, buying more franchises, and encouraging others to do so as well.

“I’m definitely going to buy more,” she said.

“I would feel like a quitter if I didn’t buy more.”

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