Gov. Brian Kemp Inaction: What Shameful Failure to Fulfill His Obligations

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A Clear Case of Dereliction of Duty

UPDATE: 07/08/2020 Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms issues this post on Twitter in response to COVID-19 and Governor Kemp. We love you Mayor Bottoms!

Yesterday, Governor Brian Kemp immediately signed an executive order to activate the National Guard in Atlanta to protect government buildings and his house after protesters defaced the GPS building. But what about mandatory masks? Why did Kemp open Georgia without following the recommendations of health and science professionals including the CDC? Why did Kemp open Georgia knowing COVID-19 would immediately spread throughout the state?

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms believes Georgia residents should have to wear a mask. But Bottoms and other mayors across the state cannot impose that requirement without approval from the governor. Kemp does not support mandating masks.

“When police have to go out and disperse these crowds, and the people are not wearing masks, it puts our officers at greater risks,” Mayor Bottoms told Atlanta City Council members. 

These inactions by Kemp are shameful failure to fulfill his obligations to protect the citizens and residents of Georgia. This is a clear case of dereliction of duty as the governor of the state.

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