Early Georgia Voters Must Go Back and Vote Again

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BREAKING NEWS: Early Georgia Voters Must Go Back and Vote Again

Many Georgia voters – especially our wise elders – voted early in March 2020 for the Georgia Democratic presidential primary. Some now they think they have already voted for everything.  Many don’t realize they DO have to go back to the polls again to vote for state and location races.

So here’s my Georgia Primary Voting PSA.

If you voted early in March this year for the Georgia Democratic presidential primary BEFORE the primary election date change, you will need to VOTE AGAIN for state and local races – judges, congress, state government, school board, sheriff, county commissioners, etc.  

When you go vote for state and local races, the voting system automatically knows you have already voted in the presidential primary.

If you requested an absentee ballot and you either (1) have not received it or (2) want to now vote in person instead, you must fill out a cancellation form on the registrar’s website. You can either bring it to vote, sc

Advance in-person voting is now through June 5. The Georgia primary election date is June 9.

I am Cheryle Renee Moses ….

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