Gwinnett County Students Arrested for Social Media Threats

Discovery School - Gwinnett County Public School

The drama continues with Gwinnett County School as five students are arrested for allegedly making social media threats against several Gwinnett County Public Schools. Here is the story reported by Fox 5 Atlanta.

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. – Authorities have now charged several Gwinnett County students with making terrorist threats.

Investigators arrested five students for allegedly making social media threats toward schools in the district.

The principal of Discovery High School said one of those threats happened here on Tuesday. 

Police and district leaders want to take this moment to warn other students that these online threats are not a game and they will be punished.

“Many, many students were impacted by this negatively,” Principal Marci Sledge said. 

GCPS Police Chief Tony Lockard told reporters 13 threats were shared over social media in the last two weeks.

Investigators said these threats include harassment, intimidation, and threats of violence against schools.

“The majority of the threats are talking about shooting up a school, explosive devices. Some of them have contained specific dates and times or techniques that they may be using. Others have just been general in time in regards to “I’ve been bullied. I’m gonna come shoot up the school,” the chief explained. 

District officials told us other schools that received these threats include Mill Creek, Mountain View, and Collin Hills high schools as well as Dacula Middle and High Schools. 

The threats led to an increased law enforcement presence at these schools.

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