Racial Assault at Radloff Middle School in Duluth

louise radloff middle school sign

Several middle school students in Gwinnett County are facing criminal charges for an alleged racially-motivated assault on a female student. According to police reports, the students repeatedly called her the N-word and whipped her with a belt multiple times. The victim’s parents expressed their frustration with the school’s lack of action, as the incident was not reported right away, and the victim had to sit in class with her alleged attackers. The school administration claimed to have no knowledge of the incident when the victim’s parents inquired about it the next day.

The father of the victim shared that his daughter had been the target of racial slurs by some Hispanic students in Radloff Middle School. The situation escalated on March 30, when one of the students asked the victim, “How much for your monkey?” The victim responded sarcastically with “450 dollars,” which was taken seriously by the student who then claimed to “own” her and demanded that she do his homework. When she refused, the student had another student whip her with a belt.


According to the victim’s father, the teacher witnessed the assault and only told the boys to “leave her alone.” The victim reported that the boys repeated the assault, and the teacher did nothing. When the victim’s parents went to the school the next day, they were surprised to find that the administration had no knowledge of the incident.

The school principal sent out a letter calling the incident despicable, and the students were suspended and are now facing criminal charges. While the father expressed his satisfaction with the school’s response, he expressed his frustration with the teacher’s lack of action and concern for the victim’s safety. The victim’s father suggested that there should be several options for kids in that type of situation, such as walking out immediately or reporting it to someone immediately.

Reporter Tyisha Fernandes contacted the district to inquire about the teacher’s response to the incident. On Monday afternoon, she learned that the teacher is now under investigation. The victim’s father added that the students who assaulted his daughter took to social media, making things even worse for his daughter.

This incident highlights the importance of schools taking immediate and appropriate action when it comes to student safety and racial discrimination. It is crucial for educators to create a safe and inclusive learning environment where students feel comfortable reporting any incidents of racial discrimination or bullying. Schools must also ensure that their teachers are equipped to handle such situations and take appropriate action. Students who engage in racially motivated assaults or bullying must be held accountable for their actions, and schools should take disciplinary and legal action if necessary.

This incident serves as a stark reminder that racism is still prevalent in our society, and it affects students of all ages. Educators and schools must take a proactive approach to ensure the safety and well-being of all students and create a culture of respect and inclusivity.