A Shakeup and Reorganization in Lawrencevile, GA

city of lawrenceville

The City of Lawrenceville is undergoing a significant transformation in its administrative leadership. The reorganization involves the reshuffling of several city officials, assigning them to new roles, redefining responsibilities, and integrating them into the city’s executive management team. The restructuring aims to enhance efficiency, accountability, and community engagement in Lawrenceville.

City Manager Chuck Warbington expressed the strategic importance of this reorganization in the city’s development. By expanding the executive management team and refining the organizational structure, the city anticipates positive impacts on residents, businesses, and stakeholders.

One notable change involves splitting the existing assistant city manager position into two roles. Barry Mock, the current Assistant City Manager and Public Works Director, will now serve as the assistant city manager for community development. Simultaneously, Michael Fischer, recruited from the city of Roswell, will assume the role of Lawrenceville’s new assistant city manager for operations.

Mock’s new position includes oversight of the Community Development Division, encompassing code enforcement, planning and development, and city events. In response to Mock’s role shift, City Engineer Jim Wright is transitioning to the public works director position, prompting the city to seek a new city engineer.

Fischer, Wright, and Lawrenceville Police Chief John Mullin are now part of the city’s Executive Management Team, collaborating with Mock, Chief Communications Officer Melissa Hardegree, and Chief Financial Officer Keith Lee under the leadership of Warbington.

In another adjustment, CFO Keith Lee will now directly report to Warbington, and an assistant director of finance will be appointed to support him. The Purchasing Department will be relocated to the Division of Finance to streamline operations.

Further changes include the transition of Community Development Manager Jasmine Billings to the director of economic and community development position. Billings will become the primary contact person for businesses in the city, providing concierge services to new enterprises.

The restructuring aligns with Lawrenceville’s fiscal year 2024 budget, which introduced new positions such as a social media specialist for communications, a deputy court clerk, an AMI Specialist in the Electric Department, a police sergeant, two police bike patrol officers, a part-time community engagement officer, a senior systems analyst in the IT department, a street maintenance worker, and a recycle driver, along with two refuse collectors in the Sanitation department.