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Yesterday as I was driving down Beaver Ruins Road in Lilburn, Georgia, I saw a Black man sitting in a chair with a large amount of belongings on the side of the road — a homeless person. But I have never seen a homeless person with a huge amount of belongings. Spirit spoke to me and said, “He just got evicted from his place.” I turned around — making a U-turn — because I wanted to take a picture/video of him to write about the problem of homelessness in Gwinnett County. As I approached this man’s location again, it started raining. The man opened an umbrella and kept sitting.

I drove on home, yet that man stayed my mind.

Earlier today, as I was headed to my mom’s house in Atlanta, I road by on Beaver Ruins Road and the man was still there guarding his belongings. Now it is 10:55pm on September 2, 2022 and I just got home from visiting my mom. As I road by, the man was sitting there in the dark, guarding his belongings.

I — we — must do something. I believe life happened and this man was evicted from this resident. He has belongings, his being, but at a brick wall in front of him for moving forward. I want to help him get over this wall but I cannot help him alone! I need help!!!

Here is what I want to do. I will rent a truck, storage facility for three months, but I need help in getting him packed up, belongings moved to storage, and paying for at least three months of hotel space for him, and a job that pays a living wage.

If you are interested in donating, helping me get him moved at noon tomorrow, you can contact me, make a donation, etc. We need to get him a room (I suggest HomeTowne Studios Atlanta NE – Downtown Norcross – very affordable if there is an availability), have a job for him, etc. I work with a few organizations that can provide resources to him as well – health, mental, job readiness, job search, reskilling, etc. Please reach out to me – Cheryle Renee Moses – – CashApp $cherylemoses.

Contact me with any questions. I am always up late.

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