Gwinnett Completes Operational Performance Assessment


(Lawrenceville, Ga., June 20, 2023) – Today the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners was presented the results of a comprehensive assessment of county operations and performance conducted by Mauldin & Jenkins.

The 1,283-page assessment report can be viewed here.

During their 2021 annual strategic planning session, Chairwoman Nicole Love Hendrickson and the district commissioners set a goal to complete a broad review of county operations to establish a foundational benchmark as to the current state and to form the base from which improvements to operations and performance could be measured.

To achieve this, the County engaged an independent firm, Mauldin & Jenkins, to assess various aspects including department organizational structures, strategic initiatives, business processes, technology utilization and service models. This operational performance assessment was a first for Gwinnett County and involved more than 1,000 employees from all levels of the county administrative departments and the library system.

This assessment spanned over 15 months and included surveys, in-person interviews, job shadowing and walk-throughs. The assessment highlighted the efficient functioning of the departments under review and recognized the County’s history as a “leader in government,” having received accolades in multiple areas. Additionally, the assessment identified 502 observations and recommendations for improvement in the areas of process, technology, people, performance assessment and culture.

David Roberts, Mauldin & Jenkins’ governmental advisory services practice leader, presented the assessment results to the Board of Commissioners and commended the County’s leadership for their proactive approach. 

“Gwinnett County leadership should be commended for conducting the operational and performance assessment and for dedicating the needed resources to do it right,” said Roberts. “The County self-imposed the project and proactively desired a consultant to objectively assess operations. The willingness to seek evaluation and feedback demonstrates the County’s commitment to continuous improvement, accountability and transparency. The mentality of County leadership and the conduct of this project is one of many reasons why Gwinnett County continues to be a leader and a looked-upon positive benchmark for other governments.”

Chairwoman Nicole Love Hendrickson expressed her pride in the employees’ engagement and willingness to provide meaningful feedback during the assessment process.

“We view Gwinnett as a national benchmark organization, and this rigorous process only reinforces that belief,” said Hendrickson. “I acknowledge there is always room for improvement; however, making the effort to objectively identify areas for improvement and taking intentional steps to measure and address them is what benchmark organizations do. I am proud of our employees for their willingness to take on the challenge of making our organization even stronger.”

The recommendations and observations from the assessment range from simple administrative changes to more complex improvements. The County plans to evaluate and prioritize these recommendations, using them as a foundation to inform ongoing initiatives, shape decision-making processes and implement significant changes that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization.