Change to the Sex Education Curriculum in Gwinnett

sex education in schools

The topic of sex education in Gwinnett County school system has brought the opinions of parents, students, teachers, and advocates to the forefront.

The Gwinnett County Board of Education has postponed the vote on whether to adopt a new sex education curriculum for at least a month, sparking a heated debate. The proposed program, called HealthSmart, would cover topics such as consent, gender identity, and sexual orientation, in addition to abstinence, which is the primary focus of the current curriculum, Choosing the Best. The HealthSmart curriculum’s supporters claim that it is more inclusive, while opponents argue that it would expose children to inappropriate topics.

Katherine Geary, a parent of three children attending Gwinnett County Public Schools, stated that the current curriculum is sufficient and encourages abstinence until marriage, which is aligned with their family’s values. In contrast, Tony Bullard, a parent of two children attending Gwinnett County Schools, believes that comprehensive sex education, including the proposed new curriculum, is crucial to prevent teenage pregnancy and abortion.

The debate has attracted the attention of many parents, teachers, and advocates in Gwinnett County, with dozens showing up to the recent school board meeting to express their opinions. Despite this, the board has removed the issue from the agenda, leaving parents unsure about the future of sex education in the county. The board may revisit the matter in April 2023 during the next meeting.