Georgia Is Smashing Voter Records in Runoff

ga runoff

Yes, voters in Georgia know what is at stake with the runoff election 2021. Georgia voters are smashing voter records daily as we close in on the final day to vote in this runoff, Tuesday, January 5, 2021.

Working Families Party reports the following:

  1. Georgia voters just smashed the record for turnout in a runoff. As of yesterday afternoon, 2,337,483 Georgians had voted so far — surpassing the 2008 record of 2.1 million.
  2. Nearly 90,000 Georgians who didn’t turn out for the general election have already cast ballots in the runoff. A majority of them are voters of color.
  3. We have to keep turning out more voters because we know how close the general election was in Georgia. That’s why we’re aiming to make 200,000 more phone calls, knock on 60,000 more doors, and text close to a million more voters between now and January 5th.

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