Be The Change! Run for Georgia State Legislature Political Office – Qualify March 7-11

Be The Change

YOU Are the Change Democratics in Georgia Have Been Waiting For! Qualify to Run for Georgia State Senate or House of Representatives

Georgia State Legislature needs an overhauling. From straight-out white supremacist like Green to complacent, do-nothing African-American and other people of color politicians who go along with the GOP and white supremacy agenda to keep their seats. Ask yourself, has your Georgia State Senator or House of Representative really made a difference in how Blacks are treated in your district? Has your representative in your district really fought for YOU, YOUR FAMILY, YOUR COMMUNITY or just for them to stay in office and THEIR family members?

Be The Change! Video encouraging Georgia citizens to run for state office.

It is time for the DO-NOTHING Georgia State Legislatures to be removed from office and citizens of Georgia with new ideas and not looking for acceptance in the GOP-white-run Georgia legislature. Democratics have NOT been in control of the Georgia State Legislature since 2002. Yet, Georgia is 32.6% Black or African American, 9.9% Hispanic/Latino, 4.4% Asians, and just 52% white.

BLACK/AFRICAN AMERICAN PEOPLE, we MUST take control of the Georgia State Legislature and remove the white supremacists who continue to push an agenda of racism. WE HAVE THE VOTING POWER — THE NUMBERS — TO GET RID OF THESE WHITE SUPREMACISTS IN GEORGIA. We can start by organizations and community activists running for office.


Let’s put these divisive, long-term, do-nothing, or racists legislators out of Georgia State Legislature. If you qualify, we will help you campaign and win!

Register: Be The Change! Run for GA State Political Office – Qualify Easy Zoom Session – Monday, March 7, 2022 – 8:00-9:30pm EST

Register to attend the the upcoming qualifying information session on Monday, March 7, 2022 at 8:00pm. Here is the Zoom online event registration link for the session –

WE ARE SURE you know someone who would represent the interest of Georgia citizens and residents better than many in the group of folks in Georgia State Legislature today. Let’s do this people and spread the word!

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