Black Women Are Blessings to the World!

dr. frances cress welsing

As an African American woman, publisher and content creator, I am delighted to join you in celebrating Women’s History Month 2024. This is an opportunity to reflect upon and honor the remarkable contributions of all women in history. Our focus in this issue is on Black women. The strength, resilience, and determination of Black women have been blessings to all communities in the world.

I recognize the impact of Black women, and know that what they bring to the world extends far beyond their individual accomplishments. Black women inspire us to be better, to do better, and to create a future where the Black community is safe, seen and can thrive. Black women fight for everyone, regardless of their race or gender, to be respected as humans.

This month, let’s express our gratitude to the women who have enriched our lives, changed our perspectives, and shaped our world for the better. May we continue to celebrate them, uplift their voices, and ensure that their contributions are acknowledged and valued.

Have a wonderful Women’s History Month! Peace and blessings!