Celebrating Excellence: Black Owned Media Weekend 2023 in Tulsa, OK

black owned media weekend

The Future of Black Owned Media

The Black Owned Media Equity and Sustainability Institute (BOMESI) is holding its Black-owned Media Weekend this Juneteenth in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Black Owned Media Weekend 2023 is happening June 16-19 and reignites the necessity of Black media and the people who document and support them. By gathering in Tulsa, one of the most historic cities for Black storytellers, this conference will bring together Black media owners/publishers, enriching our resources, our access and our distribution through authentic connections and intentional and engaging customized programming.

In Tulsa, the growth of Black Wall Street established a self-made economy with African Americans owning and operating more than 190 businesses in North Tulsa. Tulsa is also the home of the Tulsa Star, one of the first Black publications in the country. The Tulsa Star provided leadership and influence in shaping Tulsa’s Black community. Conference participants will have a special opportunity to explore this history firsthand.

During Black Owned Media Weekend 2023, attendees will gain valuable insights on strategies to create a new way forward, the need to build the Black media ecosystem and the cultural revolution that is paving the way for our next generation.

Register for the Black Owned Media Weekend 2023 conference at https://www.eventcreate.com/e/weekend-blackownedmedia.