Dr. Umar Johnson Drops Invaluable Africans-in-America Truth Nuggets in Atlanta

As a blacktivist, pretty savvy social media and technology person, I have seen the name “Dr. Umar Johnson” and heard snippets of him all over the internet on Twitter, YouTube, TV and the cable news shows. I saw Dr. Johnson on NewOne Roland Martin’s show before it was cancelled, and I felt some kind of way about how he was being challenged by guest panelists. And as the Universe would have it, during the holidays I was checking out YouTube videos about the internet ‘beef’ between Dr. Johnson, Boyce Watkins and Tariq Nasheed when I stumbled on an event at the Shrines of the Black Madonna here in the West End of Atlanta, Georgia. I immediately bought a ticket for the event on the same day it was taking place – Day Three of Kwanzaa on Wednesday, December 28, 2017.

It was a sold out event to hear Dr. Johnson, and the energy was very high with anticipation at the Shrines of the Black Madonna. When Dr. Johnson came on stage I decided to go live on Facebook with the event. [Watch the full video.]

After hearing Dr. Johnson speak, I see why there is a campaign to shut him up. The truth nuggets of Africans in America that Dr. Johnson dropped are life and thought changing. History has proven how America’s white supremacy systems will murder or attempt to destroy any black person who stands up and speaks out for the black community. Dr. Johnson is bringing truth and information to the African American community that needs to be disseminated. While I do not agree with all of his views, his 1.5 hour talk was priceless and one that all Africans in America should at least listen to in its entirety and use critical thinking to make an informed decision about Dr. Johnson.

For me, I am clear that Dr. Johnson is an intelligent, brilliant and prophetic warrior in this fight for equality and justice for his people. His energy is genuine and I know he loves Africans – Africans in America – the black community. I know this is true because you cannot fake Spirit.

But I am conflicted because when I watch YouTube videos of Dr. Johnnson speaking about Boyce Watkins and Tariq Nasheed, I see a different person. His actions on YouTube are disturbing and seem to be the opposite of what he portrays at his speaking engagements. I feel Dr. Johnson is dealing with pettiness that should not be entertained.

Or are these three men doing this for YouTube money and book/film sales? Are they scamming all of us? If so, Karma and the African ancestors will handle you all. Trust and believe!

When Dr. Johnson opens his powerful school, would he want students of the school to be able to search the internet to see pages and pages of hateful videos from him? Is that the standard he would want to set for black youth – especially boys?

In his conversation in Atlanta, Dr. Johnson talked about men having time limits on their ‘beefs’ as a general rule. Can that time limit on his ‘beef’ with Boyce Watkins and Tariq Nasheed be RIGHT NOW?

Wikipedia lists Dr. Johnson as a Doctor of Clinical Psychology and Certified School Psychologist who specializes in working with the parents of African-American children who receive special education and/or are diagnosed with disruptive behavior disorders, Boyce Watkins as an American author, economist, political analyst, and social commentator, and Tariq Nasheed is a film producer. In my opinion all three men are acting child-like in this ‘beef’ and are setting a horrible example for youth and adults in our community on how to relate to each other, while simultaneously carrying out the deeds of racism by publicly attacking and demeaning each other.

Could all of this be just three men playing all of us for YouTube money and notoriety?

I am most concerned with Dr. Johnson because he is making a huge difference in the lives of black children and their parents in navigating the public school systems of America. And again, his energy is so very genuine. I cannot speak definitively about the energy of Watkins and Nasheed as I have not been in their presence. Yet I feel all three men are victims of America’s racists systems and the need to unleash fury and vitriol against another brother.

In closing, as your elder, I say STOP IT black men! Dr. Johnson, Boyce Watkins and Tariq Nasheed, I invite each of you to sit down together for a meal or via Skype and work out your ‘beef’ privately. I am offering to be your mediator so that you all can get on with the blacktivist work that we must do RIGHT NOW!

As you said Dr. Johnson, “It’s written in the stars that we coming back. We just got to decide are we going to be the generation to put us back or not.” I say we are the generation and you are a critical component of making that happen. Do not miss this opportunity because of the distraction of nonsense.


The Video – Dr. Umar Johnson | Shrines of the Black Madonna |  Atlanta, Georgia, December 28, 2017
This recording starts just shortly after Dr. Umar Johnson takes the stage on December 28, 2017 during the Shrines of the Black Madonna Kwanzaa Day Three – Ujima – Celebration in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dr. Johnson brought truth, comedic analogies and thought-provoking information to everyone in attendance at the Shrines of the Black Madonna. I see why so many people and entities want to silence Dr. Johnson.


Visit Dr. Umar Johnson at http://www.drumarjohnson.com/ and support his continued truth movement across the world. We support Dr. Johnson as we know his mission is to empower and push Africans in America and the world to our natural position of dominance for love, unity and the purge of white supremacy.

Join Dr. Umar Johnson every Tuesday morning from 6am – 8am EST. Get your education and mental health questions answered by the Doc. Telephone Number: (857) 232-0158 Access Code: 870864#.

Most of the video is transcribed and provided it below.

But they can never tell you it’s okay for a boy to date another boy. They can never tell you that we should allow our brothers to get away with marrying women who are not our sisters. We’ve got to stop that black man. We’ve got to stop trying to commit ethnic cleansing through reproduction. You think that you can kill the African DNA. Well one thing we know about the African DNA and if you don’t believe me ask any sister with a perm. She comes back twice a month…. You can’t kill it because African DNA is from God. Okay. We are the manifestation of supreme consciousness on the earth plane. That’s what we are.

In fact, the reason we catching hell is because we haven’t recognized or realized that we are just that.

People say why was the white man created. Why did God create the white man? The white man is here to force you to manifest your God-consciousness. The white man and white woman is the black man and black woman’s test, and until you wake up and recognize that they are not greater than you, you will remain under them.

It’s that simple.

Now getting back to the Miseducation Machine. Let’s go through the rules that you will need to navigate the schools brothers and sisters.

Mothers and fathers Rule #1 – Rule #1 – Don’t tell the school all of your personal family business. I need my single mothers to hear me clearly … because y’all love going to the school looking for sympathy … you keep looking for sympathy from crackers. Your child’s teacher is not your friend. And too often you go into the school trying to make a friend before you’ve done an assessment to see if they even plan on teaching your baby.

How you smiling in somebody’s face and you don’t even know if they care about your child yet. See one of the problems of black America is we still operate under certain assumptions that our experiences have proven to be incorrect. And one of the assumptions is that if a person is teaching that means they give a damn.

That’s a false assumption.

Well then you say then Dr. Umar then why we got so many white teachers teaching our kids if they don’t care about them.

Because there’s not enough jobs in the suburban schools. That’s why they’re there. They’re on a waiting list for the schools in the suburbs. But because teachers don’t want to give those schools up, they may be on that waiting list until the day they retire.

Everybody knows that the easiest job in America if you’re white is getting an emergency certification in a predominately black school district. Because you know the black parents ain’t gonna ask you nothing because you’re white. And whites ain’t gonna ask you nothing because you’re white….

It’s only one reason you still have public schools in Atlanta. One reason only. That’s because white women have mortgages to pay in the suburb. That’s all. Isn’t it amazing that they use the white woman to miseducate your son and then her husband locks them up after they’re done.

Isn’t it amazing…

A marriage made in hell….

What is it about the teacher and the police officer that they have in common? Why so many white teachers married to cops. Because both of them have the vested interest in checkmatting the progress of black males….

Atlanta had a multi-billion dollar shopping spree for Christmas … $5 billion on Christmas this year 2017 – sneakers and cell phones, Gucci Rags and Louie Boots….

Big screen TVs … let me tell you how you know — how you know you’re in the ghetto …

… White Jesus on the wall above us …. blessing the therapy session …. some Negroes what y’all do because you know you don’t have no business with a white Jesus, but you still have a white Jesus construct …

… If you notice every Jesus you get no matter how dark he is always has a perm like the white one. You ain’t never had a nappy-headed Jesus on your wall and you ain’t looking for one either. Why  you think the mega churches ain’t got no black Jesus — Shrine of the Black Madonna got a black Jesus. But the reason why the mega churches don’t have a black Jesus — Pastors will tell you if I put a black Jesus on my wall Dr. Umar won’t nobody come here no more. Black people are trying to be what you can never be a European, and you hate what you are — which is an African. That is our Ascentia Achilles heel. We’re trying to dis-identify from ourselves in an attempt to disidentify from reality which makes us all mentally ill because the number one symptom of mentally illness is not being able to perceive your reality as it is. And that is why black people can be so easily duped into the illusion of inclusion because the reality is too harsh and unbearable for our lazy asses to fix…

You love to be lied to… yes you do … why you think Negroes vote every election. Not because it going to change anything … at least I don’t have to pay for it. Just vote. You think you can vote away police brutality it would be gone already… You think you can vote away white privilege it would be gone already. Isn’t it ironic that the things that bother us the most are never up for election. Listen to me brothers and sisters. And do not get me wrong. I am not saying you should not vote. I am saying you should vote when you have a reason to. But what I have to tell the CoonLumanati on a regular basis. In Atlanta, Georgia y’all have a very sophisticated black booshi untalented 10th – the CoonLumanati — Dr. Johnson we hear you are coming back. We welcome you but we hope the message is going to be uplifting…

Now if you give me the choice between two Caucasians both of which … neither of which care about black folks, why would I cast a vote? Why would I endorse one side or the other side? Because one thing that I do not subscribe to that a lot of us subscribe to is this belief in the lessor of two evils. I thought an evil was evil  — I didn’t know there was a lessor and a greater than. I am not voting for either evil.

Well you say we have a black man running for mayor and we have a black woman running for mayor. They both Democrats. Which one are you voting for? I’m going to say “Show me the campaign contribution lists.” I want to see who funded hers and I want to see who funded his. And when I look at the campaign contribution list guess what I found out – they got funded by the same people. What am I voting for? Because no matter which one of you goes in there, white supremacist’s agenda is going to be put in place. See brothers and sisters, it doesn’t matter who you vote for. It matters who finances the campaign. And this is where black people keep on loosing because we keep on voting but we are not funding nobody. The most important thing you can do in election in Atlanta is not vote, but finance the campaign. If Dr. Umar Johnson was to run for mayor in Atlanta, no matter how well-meaning I may be — if my money got to come from Walmart, and  if my money got to come my the Democratic Party and if my money got to come from the LGBTQIO…

FACT CHECK: Here Dr. Johnson speaks about the letter ‘P’ being added to LGBTQ. We researched this information and according to www.snopes.com this is a false rumor.

You don’t tell white folks your business. The school is an extension of the prison. There is an invisible tunnel that goes out the back door of middle and high public schools straight to the local county jail… schools is the number one source of fresh bodies for the prison system… oh yes brothers and sisters…

The black boy don’t have the problem of learning, the black boy has a problem learning while being discriminated against. White teachers are verbally abusing our sons and daughters on a daily basis. They are killing self-esteem. Why he can’t read? Because you ain’t making him believe he can. There is no such thing as being an educator without be a good motivator. And if you are not a motivator of children, then you have no business in front of them.

And that is why when we open Frederick Marcus Garvey Academy, first assessment I want to do is whether are not you black….

I’m getting in to fights every day because black folks don’t want to be black…. You came from Africa. And the crazy thing about it, is you never hear Chinese people saying I’m no longer Chinese because my family been in America 20 generation; you never see Irish people saying I’m no longer Irish ’cause my family been in America for 40 generations, you don’t see European Jews saying I’m no longer Jewish ’cause we been here for 50 generations. Only the negro. You are extremely unique. You are the only people in America who have no loyalty to the collective wellbeing….

Slavery messed us up, because slavery made us comfortable not having no control of our future…. the Chinese come to America to build a cultural empire, the Arabs come to America to build a cultural empire, the East Indians a cultural empire and you just want to participate…. You’re an integrationist and ain’t nobody else trying to integrate with you…. Only self-hating people integrate anyway. How you going to build power integrating? …

It is not the rapper fault that they are the role models… the real role-models – professional black men – have ran away from the black neighborhood….

White supremacy got it easy now cause they got a circle of negroes who will do everything they want them to do. And this why we have to raise our children with principles. The problem is too many parents are raising their kids with the same ethos – “Just get money.” “Just get money.”…

And they want to bring me before the board….I know what they’re made about. They mad about that Tuesday morning call….the biggest problem with black America is we hate each other more than we hate racism….

And if there is somebody more worth of the title Prince of Pan Africanism call his damn name. If there is someone more worth who’ve done more saving our kids from special ed, ADHD, and jail, call his name. You ain’t got no name. Name me a psychologist who has every woken up every Tuesday for 5-6-7 years and gave free advice at no cost. Name me one….

Every negro with a YouTube channel making videos about me. … sister Joyce Watkins … every time I wake up he has a new video … damn brother what did I do to you?

Brothers and sisters, the second law for my parents. After you stop telling all of your business to the schools, don’t go to no school meeting alone…

If it’s not on paper, it never happened. Stop talking on the phone to the teacher and start talking through that ink pen and email. They should hear from you every time they say something to you…. Stop letting these charter schools in Atlanta make you think they are private schools. Charter schools by law are alternative public schools….

Listen. The worst curse for a black child is to have a parent who don’t care and a teacher who couldn’t care less. You only need one to make it. If your teacher cares and your parent don’t you make it. If the parent cares and the teacher don’t you make it. If they both care you definitely gonna make it. But if you ain’t got neither one of them in your corner…

Listen. Education is not about brain power, it’s about soul power. Most of our kids go to school struggling ’cause there’s problems at the household that ain’t being dealt with. How am gonna focus on math when my daddy beating my mommy up in front of me? How I’m gonna focus on reading when my uncle going up my skirt and my mommie know it and won’t say nothing. Our kids got bigger fish to fry than learning about Christopher Columbus.

A psycho-academic holocaust…. because if y’all don’t make sure our kids got those academics it’s gonna lead to a holocaust. One out of 4 black boys in prison, two out of four referred to special ed, 3 out of 4 under some sort of psychiatric medication. What would happen in America if only one white boy out of four graduated? They would stop the whole system until they found out what’s wrong with it. But we’ve been at a 25% black male graduation rate for over 20 years and ain’t nobody said nothing about it.

And y’all Negroes said just go vote for Obama.

Remember that – Obama – the hell Obama do for blacks – I just came from Chicago a few days ago. They in Chicago saying what did Obama do for us. And some of y’all saying come on doc, he can’t be just a president for us. Okay brother, then why was he just the president for gay people not for America. I’m not homosexual. He made laws for them. Those Latins came to Obama, those immigrants he passed everything they wanted. Gave them a Supreme Court Justice.

So let me get this right, it’s okay to give gay people laws of their own. White women laws of their own. Immigrants laws of their own. But when it comes to black folks, it got to be for everybody. You negroes are just as stuck in a multicultural madness. Your problem is you feel like you’ve got to love everybody in order to be loyal to God. And in loving everybody you fell to realize you ain’t showing no loyalty to yourselves….

Have you realized we don’t have a single organization in this country that’s just for us – except the grassroot. You’ve got the Shrines of the Black Madonna, the Nation of Islam, Garvey, the Hebrews, the Moors – you’ve got some. But when you’re dealing with mainstream above ground …. NAACP is for everybody … the Urban League is for everybody…. I love the black Greek fraternities and sororities but every last one of y’all – for everybody.

Who the hell we got?

Chinese got special interest. Arabs got special interest groups. Latinos got special interest groups. And the Negroes got to be hands across America.

You don’t learn from your history. Remember we had a Jewish-Black coalition back in the 20’s. They got everything from you and then ignored you. In fact they started the NAACP so you could do all of the fighting and they get all of the rewards.

You used to have a Latino coalition back in the 70’s. The Latinos pushed you out front, used you and now they don’t know you no more. And everywhere I go I got Negro talking about we need to build coalitions. How about organizing yourself first, before you try to organize with another group.

Marcus Garvey said any group that is not well organized will be at the mercy of those groups that are.

Oh he’s anti- I’m not anti- a damn thing, I’m for my own. And I ain’t apologizing for it either. I that’s why we’re staying unapologetically African.

The average black child in the United States has a working vocabulary level two grades beneath their class standing . So your daughter is an 8th grader and she talks like a 6th grader. Your son is a 6th grader but he talks like a 3rd grader….

And black woman, you’ve got to slow down on the hair sisters. Now listen to me. I was in China last spring. I will be going back to China in January 10th … And you know what I found out while over is there. The hair that they sale you they are not allowed to you that hair in China and Japan. It’s too toxic. So they’re sending you filth….

Talking about some slavery in Libya … African Union saying is we’re going to have a special meeting to deal with slavery — y’all some hypocrites. Y’all been knew they were trading our people.

When we have the reparation conversation… when I look at the guilty parties, I see no North African states listed. I see know Middle Eastern governments listed. How you gonna talk about reparations for slavery when the people who been doing it the longest aren’t even implicated in the lawsuit….

And my issue with reparation folks is why are we looking for money to come in to the community when we can’t even track the dollars that are already there….

The Food and Drug Administration of America is paying these Chinese stop and go’s to put chemicals in the oil that they are putting in your food….

I don’t know if y’all been paying attention but every culture in America is looking to corner a particular enterprise….

Brothers and sisters, we’ve got to have an Intellectual insurrection before we have any other kind of revolution….

The ego of the Negro is black America’s achilles heel….

You’re a trillion dollar people….you’re the riches group of African on this earth …

Your freedom – more than any other people’s freedom – will not be free…. Too many people are depending upon black failure for their success….

It’s written in the stars that we coming back. We just got to decide are we going to be the generation to put us back or not. Cause I’m tired of us sitting around waiting for leaders to save us…. We need teams of leaders …. And we don’t throw the elders away …

We don’t need to kill that kind of wisdom. An elder carries their experience, their parent’s experience, at least one grandparent’s experience…. When an elder dies, we lose a century of information…

And black women, I urge y’all to get y’all situation together amongst y’all selves because there is a pettiness amongst black women ….

When black men have issues with black men, we have natural term limits on our beef…. Not black women….

Because every sister who came in here with a man tonight with her man she does a quick surveillance of the entire audience….

And black woman you’ve got to respect another woman enough to not prance around her man at the same time. Some of you can be seductresses…. ‘cause you get a kick out of her insecurities. Don’t do that. Don’t do that…. And sister if he goes for her, get up and leave his ass….

That’s why my next book is the sisters book.… Sisters when you’re dealing with a man you have to come from a position of power not pleading. You’ve got to stop begging him to stop cheating…. Take the emotion out…. Sit him down at the table and tell him we have to talk business….

Fellas we’ve got to understand, yes you’ve got to get your hustle on … if you don’t nurture that queen, if you don’t take time to nurture her spiritually, emotionally and psychologically, then that becomes the breeding ground for infidelity because no matter how much money you bring home it cannot replace quality time….

A couple of things – number one we’re going back to Africa this summer and I think I’m going to revisit the tour we took two years ago which was Senegal and South Africa…

Next thing you know I ended up in Nat Turner land in Virginia. You guys are invited … There’s going to be a Black History program at Nat Turner Land I think February 12… this is the most powerful courageous revolutionary in American history….

01:26: 18:06
And if you want to go with me to Senegal and South Africa last week in July first week in August … 14 days 14 nights … we go all over …

01:27: 44:05
For those of you who got the children, we’re gonna do the Black College and Consciousness Tour for the young folks 11-17 boys and girls – that the first two weeks of July….

Now y’all got two greats not too far from y’all – ‘cause right here in Atlanta and I went the last time I was here Bishop Henry McNeal Turner is buried 10 minutes from where you’re sitting at. Who is he? He is the first black man who is the first black men to say God is black. He is one of the grandfathers of Pan Africanism. He was a Bishop of the African Methodist Epistical Church who was responsible for putting AME in Africa. This is one of the first black men elected to office during reconstruction. He is the first chaplain – black chaplain – in the US Army and he is the man who stood up in State legislator of Georgia and called the US flag a “stinking dirty rag” and the honorable Elijah mohammad was a student of his at his school in Georgia. And if you ain’t been to his grave.

And guess who is just a couple of feet from him – Mama King and Daddy King – same cemetery brothers and sisters. You’ve got to visit those cemeteries to collect that ashe. I never miss an opportunity to visit an ancestor’s grave because you don’t know what blessings waiting for you right there…. But what y’all fell to realize is that ancestor energy – that ancestor energy may be one million times powerful than any individual deity. Get to get to know the blood that boils.

Brothers and sisters, January the 8th they are bringing me before the State board of psychology. What the hell for? And what the hell why? But I’m gonna ask y’all to keep me in your prayers… hopefully we will come a victor in this situation. And even if they take the cert, the way I see – and even if they ban me from getting my license, the way I see if Nat Turner can be hanged for your freedom, if Malcolm can be murdered for your freedom, if Harriett Tubman had to work day in and day out for your freedom, if Ida B. Wells had to look over her shoulders every day for your freedom, then what the hell is a piece of white man paper … I’m not quitting black man. I’m not quitting black woman….

Rain, sleet snow or shine there will be a FDMG.

I don’t know how long it’s going to take for us to get free. But we gonna get free. I don’t know how we’re gone to get free, but I know we’re going to get freedom. I don’t know who’s going to help us get to free, but I know we gone get that freedom or at least we gone die trying.

Atlanta 2017.  Dr. Umar Johnson. I love you all. Black Power family. Black Power.



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